The Beauty of iOS Apps – Editorial

Here I am about one month into my ownership of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge thinking about some of the apps on iOS that I used to use daily and trying to find alternatives on android.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is all about the camera and to get the most out of the camera you really need to use the official Samsung camera app. Camera FV-5 has just been updated to work with the newer Samsung phones from the S6 onwards. But really there aren’t any other sophisticated camera apps that work on these newer android phones. If you own an iPhone, camera apps and decent camera apps are in abundance.

And that’s the beauty of iOS. In any specific or specialised category you will find a couple of class leading apps. On the camera app front on iOS there are at least 5 decent camera apps, but my personal favourite that add some extra value are Nightcap Pro and ProCamera+ HDR which have nothing even close on android that offers the full range of functionality. Photo editing is another league on iOS.

The gaming catalogue on iOS is huge. Often android apps and games are ruined by adverts. A good example is Scrabble. On android game play is ruined totally by adverts. But not on iOS.

So apart from the photography apps, do you have any specialised favourite iOS or android apps?

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of iOS Apps – Editorial

  1. Ad blockers thats the only thing i miss now when using a android phone. The omes that are available are not implimented particularly well.


    1. What delivers a somewhat better iOS apps experience over Android is part down to the supported hardware ‘add-ones’ backed with truly professional software.
      With iOS follows a great amount of excellent tools to add and expand an iPhone or iPad.
      To name but one is in audio where you will find a number of said devices to attach.
      One favourite is the Shure MV88 digital microphone. Add it via the Lightning port and select in the software its use/audio arcs/etc. andyou always have a studio-grade recording rig ready to go.
      Switch to GarageBand or a number of other top creative music apps afterwards and produce some really professional audio editing.
      The Shure MV88 is great all round performer and not just in helping to create music either:- Add it to the Lightning port, turn on your camera app, select video and now you are recording clear 24-bit/48kHz digital audio on a 90-degree hinged base which lets you point the microphone where you need it.
      If you want to pick partial sound from the sides but a stronger signal at the front simply select it in the software and off you go.

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