Game Launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The more you use the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the more you discover. The S7 and S7 Edge has a sandbox type area called Game Launcher. This automatically places all your games into this app. You can manually add or remove games as well.

You then have a range of game playing options, from recording your gameplay, stopping notifications whilst gaming and turning off the capacitive menu keys to prevent accidental presses.

Below are two games I recorded. You can also add you voice to the footage. You will notice the warning message about having the game music too loud and you will also see the icon bottom left to indicate recording.

What’s really impressive is I was able to play the game and record it at 720p. Both games were also connected to my Gear S2 and Moga Pro Bluetooth Game Controller. Just shows how powerful the Exynos processor is.

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