Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Shootout – Part 3

Welcome back to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Shootout Part 3. Scroll back to read Part 1 and Part 2.

In Part 3 I will be looking at some specific aspects of the camera. Firstly, how does the S7 Edge cope with sun flare and shooting directly in to the sun. I also added some shots from the Apple iPhone 6S Plus as a comparison. It is worth noting that you can record video with still photos and at the same time as snapping panoramic shots.

Sun Flare Shots

The first shot is from the iPhone 6S Plus and then from the S7 Edge. From my point of view the S7 Edge does a better job.

Church of St Michaels - Sun Flare Test 2 #iphone6splus

Church of St Michaels - Sun Flare Test 2 #SamsungS7Edge

Another test. iPhone 6S Plus first then the S7 Edge.

Church of St Michaels, Princetown - Sun Flare Test #iphone6splus

Church of St Michaels, Princetown - Sun Flare Test #SamsungS7Edge

Aiming at the Sun

Below is a shot from the S7 aiming directly at the sun itself. Rather impressive.

Cloud Extravaganza - Into the Sun #SamsungS7Edge

Selective Focus

This mode should not be ignored. You can create some really arty shots with this mode. Here the church cross becomes centre of attention with the background all blurred nicely.

The Cross That Divides Reality - Selective Focus Mode #SamsungS7Edge

Vertical and Horizontal Panoramas

Below are two panoramic shots from the S7 Edge.The speed of taking and saving these photos is super fast. Decent size outputs as well.

Horizontal Panoramic view of Church of St Michaels Graveyard #SamsungS7Edge

Vertical Panoramic of Church of St Michaels #SamsungS7Edge

Close Up

And finally a close up shot of a headless tap.

Headless Tap #SamsungS7Edge

Overall some good photos. Part 4 will be looking at low light and night shots. Long exposures in Pro mode will be used too to see what tricks can be pulled off by this phone. This will go live on Monday.

All I can say is the night and low light post on Monday is staggering and needs to be seen to be believed. For this post I did test the S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus as well. 

19 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Shootout – Part 3

  1. Gavin am I missing something or what you say the s7 picture are better but I’ve let several people look at those pictures they didn’t know which picture was s7 or iPhone what’s funny out of 8 people 8 choose iPhone because of the natural tone color what’s funny is the grass is way over saturated with a very bright green the bark on the trees is very green you talk about detail I’m must be missing something because it seem to me that the iPhone pictures are more of a natural looking walk out side and taking a picture I would rather it look more natural than way to bright.

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    1. Hi Mike. Valid points. Some people prefer neutral shots. Others like a shot that pops. And unless you pixel peep a little some may never know which takes a better quality shot. Brightness isn’t always better quality as you said. I still have night and low light shots to publish as a comparison too which are up Monday. But based on the level of detail the S7 is doing a great job. In some cases the HDR comes on automatically like the iPhone, but with the S7 it sometimes goes to heavy with the saturation. I would hope some future updates will improve the algorithms and pictures. You could also say if you only share to Twitter of Facebook does quality matter? The S7 matters more to do with its instant focus. It really stops you missing that moment. Personally I don’t mind which phone is preferred. I have both so not biased. I still want to check how the S7 freezes action shots of my dogs. Not had a chance to do that. I want to see if the action shots are better than the S6 Edge, G4 , V10, and iPhone 6S Plus. If the S7 manages sharp clear action shots of my dogs that will be important to me. Again this matters for people with kids too. Based on some testing I have achieved many in focus indoor shots of my dogs. So there we have it 😀


    1. Not yet. But I will give it a go. So far the Google Camera app is not showing as available, Camera FV-5 did offer any value over default app, A Better Camera needs an update to work properly. But I’ll try this one. Thanks for the heads up. Gavin.


  2. I think the differnce between the church shots is the metering. IPhone is averaging so the sky looks nice but the foreground which you also want is consequently darker.

    The s7 isn’t metering for the sky, it meters around the church and so sky is less blue. Chances are the sky really did look like that.

    Let’s see a comparison where the metering is the same between the two. You can pick either mode but the other should be the same too.

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      1. Oh? I thought metering was as easily selectable in the stock camera on the iPhone as the S7. You can leave the iPhone in mkulti andnswitch the s7’s default CW to multi.

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  3. I haven’t seen many true to color sky shots on a iPhone yet I phones over saturate too the make blues a lot darker then they should be and plus they always make a lot warmer photo


  4. And Gavin manual camera makes a great camera app for Samsung it’s really nice but as far as that goes on my Note 5 the only app I have as far as photos goes is the snapped app the stock Samsung camera app is really nice

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  5. Forget the manual controls just take the camera out off your pocket focus and shoot iPhone pictures will look more natural and more like what the sene is Gavin you say the s7 is better so what your saying is you like a over saturated picture and what’s funny here Mike said he choose 8 and I’m a mechanic and I’ve let people also look at those pictures and they all choose the more natural look to that’s what odd and if read articles or what videos on the internet they say the same thing and about detail if you have to alter the picture to get more detail to over saturate the color I would rather have the natural look

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  6. Hi Gavin . I think what the S7 is missing is just representing the scenes for what they are. If a scene looks dark I don’t want it artificially lightened. Yes i would like it clear and detailed, but not sure if I want artificial lightening and saturation to obtain that. Just show me a dark scene dark, as clear as possible.

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