LG G4 – First Impressions of the official UK version



I have already reviewed the LG G4, but this was a unit from Korea. I now have the official UK release so will start to document any differences.

Cellular reception on Dartmoor is flaky especially indoors in the kitchen. The G4 UK model had really strong signal, more than the Korean model.

Black leather is much nicer than metallic grey plastic. A gold metallic plastic back is also included in the box.

LG Backup is an app provided by LG. It provides a full backup of your phone up to 5gb in the cloud. But you can also use it to restore from another device. I installed it on my S6 Edge, and used the LG Backup app to effortlessly transfer the SMS and Call Logs from the S6 Edge to the LG G4.

Quick charging 2 has not been implemented yet and the slowness of the G4’s recharging is noticeable when you have had the S6 Edge previously. If it has been implemented, it still feels slow.

Interruptions – when activated the G4 notification light will still flash when any notifications arrives. The S6 Edge turns off the light.

4 thoughts on “LG G4 – First Impressions of the official UK version

  1. Just to let you know, quick charge is on the phone, it’s the charger that comes with the uk kit that isn’t fast charge capable as it’s only 1.8ah and needs to be 2ah to get the quick charge to activate afaik, I’ve used my Samsung 10.5 tab s charger which is 2ah and 5.3v and it does activate quick charge and really works well without over heating the battery or phone as i charged the phone yesterday from 4 percent to 100 percent in about one hour fifteen minutes, i think that it took that long because it will only fast charge upto a certain point (maybe 80%) before it slows down the charge like the original charger out of the box to preserve the batterys longevity, but it was really just a test and i’m not going to use that much again if at all as i’m getting the spare battery and charging cradle from Korea as i don’t think we’ll see it in the uk anytime soon. Btw the Code for that is “BC-4800”. P.s. i think the headphones are terrible, I’ve gone back to my samsung ones, what do you think of them ?.


    1. Thanks Simon for replying.

      I have discovered my generic 2.1amp charger works well. Quick charging goes to 50%. Slightly slower to 70%. Then slows right down thereafter. A proper QC2 charger is slighly quicker but IMO not necessary as over 2amps is fine.

      BTW if you have a link for the battery kit, can you let me know. Cheers šŸ™‚


    2. Headphones. I’ve had a proper listen. They are good actually but only if you have a proper seal . I also use poweramp. Problem is I have much better cans at my disposal so would really never use them. LG should have provided a large size option, medium and small is not enough.


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