Acer Jade S55 – Review – Conclusion


Welcome back to my final part, the conclusion of the Acer Jade S55 review.

Today, I am going to summarise my thoughts on the Acer Jade S55. The Acer Jade S55 has many positives going for it. It is a dual sim phone, with controls in place to monitor data usage from the moment you first turn on the phone. It then has not 1, but 3 easy or quick mode home screen options. These also offer password protection to prevent other areas of the phone being used.

This could be perfect for kids or older people as the fonts can be enlarged substantially as well. Quite impressive in that respect.

I managed to capture some lovely photos, and this is despite the fact it costs 1/3 of the Samsung Note 4. It also has above average audio quality using headphones with just an average loudness via the loudspeaker. Again not as flagship phone audio quality but then it costs a lot less.

Acer also include Bring Your Own Cloud solution apps for all your files and media. Again this is done to allow you to use your existing PC as the cloud. In addition, there are a few other apps Acer include but it is not overkill.

In fact, the whole experience is fairly close to a stock Android experience which makes the Acer Jade S55 rather pleasant to use and the more time I spent with this phone the more I enjoyed it.

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