The Ultimate Setup – using SideSync between Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy Tab S


Currently,  I chilling on the sofa with 2 of my labradors keeping me company, while my other labrador has stretched out on the other sofa.

I have my Samsung Note 4 somewhere nearby (not sure exactly where) but by using Samsung’s SideSync app and multitasking I can operate my Note 4 completely.  I’ve sent messages using 5 different messaging apps from my Note 4 but using the Tab S.

Above you can see the phone overlayed but you can minimise as required to a little circle which sits on top of whatever app your using.  You can bring it back instantly.  You’re also notified on the Tab S of any notifications and more. You can control the Note 4 totally seeing exactly what you are doing too.

I also transferred some photos between the devices instantly.

Rather neat.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Setup – using SideSync between Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy Tab S

  1. Hi Gavin. usual…great info! I have an older galaxy tab …will that work with it also? I think it is the Tab 3. Is it app based? I have checked it out a bit but not seeing a way to do it. Merry Christmas to you. Thanks!


  2. I have note 4 and tab s…. sidesync world perfectly but only till i try to make our recieve calls. ….. As i unable hear anything while the person on the other end can hear everything properly


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