LG G Watch – update 2

So day 2 with the LG G Watch. Battery performance was marginally better, ending at 56%.

I made a few errors with the notifications, dismissing them in the process meaning I couldn’t reply to some messages. There were some other oddities occurring which confused me, so I am going to read over the manual again just to make sure I am not doing something wrong.

At the moment if I get a text message I can only view not reply to it. Yet hangouts allows replying. I hope LG fix this ASAP. I mean LG phone and a LG watch how difficult can that be!

The G Watch is recording my steps. But this data is not syncing with anything, not even the LG Health app on the G3.

On the app front, Google has released an update to its Google Camera app that adds a remote trigger functionality via the watch.

I also had some errors with Google voice meaning I sent incorrect messages to a few people. The jury is out still on this device. More tomorrow.

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