HTC One M8 – Daily Blog – review – day 9

Today I am going to share my brief thoughts after just one week of ownership. On Sunday I will share my further views on my podcast I co-host with Dave Rich, Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast . Dave also has the HTC One M8 so it will be an interesting discussion.

Camera – excellent. Best lower sharpening to minus 0.5. HTC over sharpen normally. More shots of pets and people obtained due to speed of camera launch and time to first shot taken. If a very bright day, switch to HDR, focus on sky, press and hold to lock AE/AF. Then take shot.

Sense – it makes sense. Designed properly. Feels stock but with some extras that feel smooth.

Sound – Boomsound – the best quality and loudest. Headphone amp so strong. I am finding I can use phone as standalone music player.

Hardware – drool worthy. Say no more.

Extras – free silicone case a decent freebie

Screen – find me a better one. Colours look natural and dont seem to strain eyes.

Speed – move over Ferrari

Upgradable – with ease as HTC apps in Play Store. I like the idea of not having to wait for firmware updates. Also, HTC have an app for new apps they introduce for your phone, thereby adding new features on the fly.

I was a bit worried about the low 4mp rear camera but based on the results I am pleasantly surprised. The wide angle lens is great too both on for the rear and front selfie camera.

Tune in for Sundays podcast where I will provide detailed examples of each of the above.

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