Sony Xperia Z Ultra – early views

Thanks to Clove Technology the Sony Xperia Z Ultra phablet arrived a few days ago.

Holding it you realise how large but also how thin it is.  It feels fairly light weight too, fits nicely in my suit pockets but not in my front shirt as it sticks out the top too much for my liking.

Next to my Note 3 the Z Ultra is super fast.  It makes the Note 3 appear to have constant lag.


Size comparison above. Note 3 on left. Screens on max brightness. Note 3 is brighter.

I will have more views up later this week and will also be discussing it with Dave when record our next podcast episode.

In the meantime, below are 3 photo samples from the camera.




If there is anything you would like to know about this huge phablet please let me know.

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