Samsung Note 3 – review – 3 months later – day 14

It’s been 2 weeks since I received the Samsung Note 3 again. With 7 firmware updates and countless app updates, the full software packages provided by Samsung, the Note 3 has been a different phone to the buggy disaster that was released at launch.

Some of the surprises and highlights has been the camera. The Note 3 camera has taken some awesome quality photos far above what I expected. At night time and with the use of my tripod I used an app called “A Better Camera” . In fact using this camera app with Samsung’s own default app provides a superb shooting experience. I found a tripod adapter for the Note 3 called iStabilizer from Amazon which allows for high quality night shots. Using voice to take photos removes the potential for camera shake. Photo editing is handled by several apps and the effects available are huge.

After 3 months the software is considerably bug free. There are a few bugs still remaining but nothing of any significance. So what I am getting is a smooth experience. In fact, the Note 3 has less bugs than the iPhone 5S which constantly reboots and has a battery not up to the task of a smartphone.

As a music player the Note 3 is fantastic. But it has USB Audio out so by connecting the Fiio E18 USB Portable DAC/Amp the improvement in audio enjoyment is off the charts.

And then there is the even more stark realisation. With the Note 3 not only have I left my iPhone in a bottom drawer, I am not using my iPad or computer. The Note 3 handles all the computing needs for me.

Until the next best thing arrives tomorrow, the Note 3 is my favourite phone.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Note 3 – review – 3 months later – day 14

  1. Just for the record, i was in the queue for one of the first 500 to have the Note 3 in the uk and did not suffer any issues at all since new. Maybe i am just lucky or my needs are limited. I do enjoy my Sony Ultra Z but it would never replace my Note 3 as my business device.


      1. I have the Gear and the Sony watch 2. Prefer the Gear as I use it for personal alerts only – it would be useless if it notified me of all the business comms I have as I have too much 🙂 In the car it easier to use my Gear to return a missed call than try to use my phone, which I would only do in rare instances (I have a BT hands free system integrated with the car audio).


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