Another day with the Nokia Lumia 925

After another day has passed with the Lumia 925, this is what has occurred.

I have installed the following apps – 6sec, Adobe Reader, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Mobile, App Social, BBC iPlayer, Bing News, Bing Sport, Bing Finance, Bing Weather, DotDot, eBay, Flickr, gMaps, Google, HD Photo Viewer, ITN News, LinkedIn, Metrotube, Natwest, Nextgen Reader, Paypal, Photosynth, Podcast Lounge, Podcatcher, Pro Points Calculator, Shopsavvy, Sky News, SkyDrive, Skype, SophieLens for Nokia,, Topgear News, TripAdvisor, Tunein Radio, TV Guide, TV Catchup, twabbit, Vyclone, Whatsapp , WordPress and Zite. With regards games, I have only installed a few so far – Jetpack Joyride, Mirrors Edge, AE Bubble, CosmosConquest, Temple Run and Word Twist.

As you can see many familiar apps are present. Also don’t forget Nokia include their Pro Cam and Smart Cam camera apps, Nokia Cinemagraph, Nokia Glam Me (I used this for my twitter avatar and lost 10 years and became slimmer), Microsoft Office and OneNote, Panorama, People app that merges if required social networks, Nokia Music (free or paid £3.99pm) streaming service and a great photo editing app Creative Studio.

Over the last few days I have taken many photos and used Creative Studio to edit these. Have a look at the various options available with the camera apps and editing. All photos are in an album on my Flickr. Click here.

The time is displayed permanently on the lock screen when screen off. I really like this. What I did find installing all the apps, is that I eventually got a message that I had reached the maximum 15 background running apps and to allow another app to run in the background I would have to stop another.

I have been using Nokia Maps turn by turn and it works well. Once during the course of a day, it stopped working. I have no idea why either. I also have a live tile for my commute. Tapping on this takes you into commute assistance gps mode. You get turn by turn but without the voice. The live tile updates itself near the commute time to give you a live eta.

I like the live tiles showing me at a glance what’s going on. But I wish there was a notification tile to capture everything from all apps.

I had an issue with a screenshot emailed to myself from my iPad. It displayed as an embedded photo, so I couldn’t detach it. If you email a photo, it is compressed. There is no option either to override this. Apparently, this is for speed and smoothness. However, the workaround is using HD Photo Viewer.

I have turned off SkyDive auto photo upload as in auto mode it reduces file size if on a mobile network. The workaround is to manually select which photos and these stay full size even when using your mobile Internet.

Using Windows Phone is a different experience. In many ways it is far more enjoyable than other operating systems. At times it is too simplistic.

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