Back with the Nokia Lumia 925

After the screen starting failing on the Samsung Galaxy S4, I decided to have another go at using the Nokia Lumia 925. I really liked it when Nokia kindly sent it on loan previously, so the other day a Lumia 925 arrived in the post.

Some of the features I liked was the Windows Phone 8 interface with live tiles, the fantastic camera and just the way it looks and feels.

So yesterday, I fired up Nokia Navigation and used it all during the day to drive me to destinations I knew really well, just to test the accuracy of the software. Firstly, I was able to download the map of England before I left home, meaning no data charges for downloading the map data as required by Google Maps. In addition, if the reception failed, the navigation would still continue. I also connected the Lumia 925 to my car’s bluetooth. While Nokia Maps was directing me, I streamed Nokia Music. The sound quality was excellent, even better than that of the HTC One.

Later on in the evening, I installed a number of apps and games from HD Photo Viewer, Nextgen Reader, Twabbit and many many more. Twabbit is an excellent twitter app. I then customised my live tiles, and I have everything showing from F1 news, my blog, weather, email, social updates and more.

I am finding gaps in the apps, so this means I have to find other ways of doing things. This works fine most of the time. Except Dropbox support would be helpful. And occasionally, the apps actually work and look better than android and iOS. But there are missing gaps in the app, and I don’t meant instagram.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

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