Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – Review Part 5

Welcome to part 5 of my review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. To recap on the earlier parts click here.

Today, I am looking at S Voice on the S4 Zoom. The camera is being tested over the weekend in more detail, and therefore next week I will publish my findings in the camera aspect of this device.

S Voice is Samsung’s answer to Siri. Except its not. Siri is like a personal assistant. You can move and change appointments with Siri in a much more natural way.


With S Voice you can request it to undertake basic instructions, from creating new appointments, tasks, memos, reminders, opening apps, navigate to a place or person, set timer, record voice, asking a web search, turn wifi or Bluetooth on or off, set alarms and read the news.

The voice recognition seems to work fairly well and rarely made an error. But it does need an Internet connection. Where Apple’s Siri scores higher is its ability to set a reminder for when you arrive home.

You activate S Voice by either double tapping the home button, pressing the S Voice icon, or by saying “Hi Galaxy” in Drive Mode.

In Drive Mode, S Voice reads out incoming messages and alerts. With messages you can reply using your voice hands free.

It is a handy feature when in the car, but otherwise its quicker to use other methods. Also having S Voice configured to start by double tapping the home button, does very marginally slow down the device.


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