Sony Xperia Z vs Samsung Note 2

At the weekend I got to play with the new Sony Xperia Z. I also had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 side-by-side with the new Sony.

This is not meant to be a detailed technical examination more of a quick comparison. They say first impressions count and in this case they really do.

The Xperia is available in white and black. I would suggest ignoring the white and simply focusing on the black as the white looks rather cheap in comparison to the black finish. The Sony is actually larger than I thought it would be and that I think its size is amplified due to its squareness. If it had curved corners and sides it would look a lot smaller probably. I would only get the Note 2 in grey and avoid the white finish as well.

The Sony screen is fabulous and makes the Note 2’s screen look like it has fake colouring. Also the Sony launcher is not in your face and looks a lot more professional than Samsung’s Touchwiz launcher. The Touchwiz wastes a lot of screen with blank spaces. The square sides of the Sony are not as comfy to hold as the Note 2. The Xperia is water and dust resistant. The Note 2 isn’t. The Note 2 has a stylus and the Xperia doesn’t. Each device comes with bespoke software. The camera on the Sony took better quality photos. Plugging my headphones into each phone revealed the Xperia Z had a better headphone amp and sound quality but not by huge amounts.

But overall they are different devices. And they are both amazing. If I had to choose between one of them I really couldn’t.

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